Silvia Moreno-Garcia’s claustrophobic creep-fest is a treat for those who enjoy a dash of the supernatural in their domestic noir

Front cover of the paperback edition of Mexican Gothic.

Could there be a more straightforward title for a Gothic novel set in Mexico? If the title seems too on-the-nose, though, too baldly descriptive, don’t be fooled into thinking the novel might be a paint-by-numbers affair. Moreno-Garcia’s stylish novel is atmospheric, inventive, and a pleasure to read.

Mexican Gothic as Gothic

The past two…

Fighting the novel and re-embracing the familiar

It was a cold that brought me back to myself. I want to pin “in the end” onto the conclusion of that sentence, but it would be presumptive to say that we’re at the end of anything given, well, everything.

Like so many…

Escape Room Edition

Remember that Friends episode where Ross and Chandler try to cancel a gym membership? Well, escaping subscriptions – for products, places, or online services – remains one of the ultimate consumer challenges!

We’ve all seen those Twitter threads and long rants about the hurdles subscribers have to jump to…

An occasional writer’s roadmap for taking editing from a white-knuckle experience to confidently throwing my arms in the air and enjoying the ride.

If you write anything that goes beyond your own desk, you’ll know this rollercoaster. Sometimes, maybe, it gives you a little thrill and you’re keen to jump on board. Mostly, you’re reluctant but resigned to it (‘Here we go again’). …

We all work. In or out of the home, or both. Paid or unpaid work, or both. But why? Like a curious toddler, I’m asking an annoying, even banal question. And I know it’s not one that we can necessarily answer well. …

If you’ve been isolated from your colleagues during Covid, you might be climbing the walls desperate for social contact. Or you might be relishing the quieter work-life. Covid has made clearer how different people experience the workplace. In particular, let’s think about meetings. They’re seemingly always necessary, but not often…


EDI consultant and project manager; Transformational and career development coach; Writer of many things; Runner. In no particular order.

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