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  • Christina Maslach

    Christina Maslach

    The pioneering and award-winning researcher and writer on job burnout, and currently the founding co-editor of the e-journal, Burnout Research

  • Amy Everett

    Amy Everett

    Working in the charity sector. Living in Sheffield. Runner. Dog mum.

  • Kit Friend

    Kit Friend

    Dad, Agile Coach, Jira Geek, Martial Artist, Failed Politico, Artist/Designer All views and opinions posted are my own

  • Jermaine Hall

    Jermaine Hall

    Jermaine Hall is a digital publishing executive. When he’s not running his two sons and wife from place to place he’s watching Lakers games.

  • Julie Russell

    Julie Russell

    Previous Eng Manager, SRE at Medium | Board Member of NaNoWriMo nonprofit | Member of Alabama Street Writing Group | Opinions are all & always mine.

  • Marie Le Conte

    Marie Le Conte

    The Sunday Sport once called me a 'less-than-original sex person'.

  • Chris Eno McMahon

    Chris Eno McMahon

    An erstwhile Homemaker of the Year who loves to use the word “erstwhile” as she erstwhiles her days away in Michigan’s U.P.

  • Natalie Frank, Ph.D.

    Natalie Frank, Ph.D.

    I write about behavioral health & other topics. I’m Managing Editor (Serials, Novellas) for LVP Press. See my other articles:

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